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Keith Gervais

Keith Gervais

With exceptional attention to detail, a passion to serve others and a willingness to go above and beyond – Keith Gervais is eager to make his mark in the mortgage world. As a fly on the wall to his wife’s successful ten-year career in the industry, Keith was inspired to make the transition to help others by providing borrowers home financing options that cater to their lifestyle and needs. A self-proclaimed numbers guy, Keith is the loan originator we all deserve.

When Keith is not working Excel sheets and materializing others’ dreams, you can find him spending time with his family in the valley of the sun. Competitive by nature, Keith enjoys golfing, working out and rooting for his alma mater – the Arizona State University Sun Devils. Give Keith, or ‘Beef’ as his friends and family know him by.

With over ten years of experience dabbling in all facets of the mortgage process, Alaina has found her calling as a relationship manager. Alaina’s passion is getting to know and developing relationships with individuals – inside and outside of work. With a  Focusing on building trust with clients, agents and members of the real estate community, Alaina is a professional home buying and financing matchmaker. 

In her free time, Alaina enjoys spending time with Beef and their two spunky kiddos. A fitness fanatic, Alaina can be found outworking everybody in the gym or pounding the pavement in Arizona’s year-round sunshine. Whether it’s parenting, working out, or meeting with referral partners – Alaina is always all-in. 

You’ll find a great partnership with the Gervais Team. Beef there to hold your hand while educating you throughout the financing process and Alaina taking steps to make your experience extra special. Give the Gervais a call today to learn about your home financing options!


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